We all remember our mom's kitchen , the fragrant smell of spices, the smiling face and food being served with love. That's what a kitchen is all about. Its about the "woman" in the kitchen who makes all the difference.
Perhaps, if it weren't for the smiling  face of the hostess or our mums, any tasty food would hardly seem worthwhile eating.
When I got married , I had no clue about cooking. I hated going into my kitchen and every passing minute seemed like ages to me and by the time I finished cooking - Damn !!! i was tired. But its only slowly that I began to cultivate an interest, and the interest turned into a love and craving for food - all kinds - which made me realise that a person who loves food, will love cooking- its only a matter of time.

After i got married , my sister put together a recipe book  for me -with many recipes -tried,tested and tasted amazing recipes by my mom,aunts ,friends and relatives. I will hold on to that book forever -its such a priceless gift and I couldn't have wished for anything better. It has helped me pull through my first year and pf course the subsequent years of marriage till now ...lol!!!

I fervently pray to God that if I am even half as good as a cook as my mom - I will be the happiest person!!! This blog goes in the direction of helping, connecting with my friends and those out in the vast and dynamic internet-o-sphere with whom I share a love for cooking.

The focus here is more on homestyle cooking . With cooking there are some easy, some quick  and some long and cumbersome recipes - but in the end its the taste that matters. After all that hard work we have put through, how refreshing is it to look on someone eating you food and enjoying every morsel of it - that's what we want , thats's what we strive for!!!

There are some recipes that are remembered, when you think of it you can actually feel the taste , the smell and there are some that are forgotten. I hope I can bring to you some that can be "remembered".

Hope everyone of you enjoys my culinary experiments and my journey towards unraveling the mysteries  of food.



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  1. Remember we had discussed about "THE BOOK" when we were in college? I am glad that you are sharing it[:)]..Now I can rely on your recipe's without worrying about trying to prepare something for several times for not getting it right for the first attempt...Happy recipe blogging :)

  2. Yeah rashmi ...hope it helps. Thanks a bunch

  3. Hello Lakshmi..You have a very well designed blog with lovely recipes.Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Thanks Tanvi...Still in the process of organizing my blog. Would certainly appreciate suggestions.